The Quipper

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kerry In Iraq

Bradford Plumer has written an article for Mother Jones entitled What Kerry Can Do In Iraq which, shockingly, discusses what Kerry can do to stabilize Iraq.

The single biggest asset Kerry brings to the table is competency. A close second is a devotion to results over ideology -- a Kerry administration wouldn't have made Iraq his near-libertarian economic theory experiment, nor would it have worn anti-internationalism as a badge of honor, nor would it have favored no-bid contracts over Iraqis performing the work themselves for less money, nor would it have vindictively excluded European contractors who originally built much of the Iraqi infrastructure, nor would it have appointed 20-something Heritage Foundation ideologues into positions of extreme power, nor would it have accepted pure "democracy" over pluralism, nor would it have not fired anyone once their mistakes became obvious.