The Quipper

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Mismanagement Of The Iraqi Aftermath

Michael Young at Reason's Hit & Run has a post Screwing Iraq Up Big Time which discusses Michael R. Gordon's New York Times article The Strategy to Secure Iraq Did Not Foresee a 2nd War. Young interprets Gordon to place much of the blame at Bush's subordinates, most prominently Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The passage from the article which seems to be reappearing throughout the blogosphere is:

John Abizaid was the only one who really had his head in the postwar game," General Garner said, referring to the general who served as General Franks's deputy and eventually his successor. "The Bush administration did not. Condi Rice did not. Doug Feith didn't. You could go brief them, but you never saw any initiative come of them. You just kind of got a north and south nod. And so it ends with so many tragic things.

Kevin Drum has some further analysis.

*sigh* I remember when the high quality of subordinates was supposed to be a Bush selling point in 2000.