The Quipper

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Note to Bush: Massachussets is 1/50th of the US

Bush and Cheney have been wearing out the "Senator Kennedy... er Kerry" lines (Either it's a joke, and it's time to change up the phrasing, or is Cheney really that stupid?) -- with three slurs juxtaposing "liberal" and "Massachusetts" in last night's debate --er "chimplosion".

Today, Timothy Noah throws it back in Bush's face, in his article "Lay Off Massachusetts"

George W. Bush doesn't get to choose which United States he's president of.

Noah, one of my favorite Slate contributors, injects some facts which may be destructive to a hard core "red stater's" self-image. Namely that by and large, the red states are the ones most desperately addicted to the government teat.

Maybe they know this, and their virulent anti-government posturing is some sort of projecting?