The Quipper

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Obsidian Wings Legalizing Torture Series

Obsidian Wings has a series about the House GOP's attempt to legalize "Extraordinary Rendition". Here's a link to the posts in the series:
  1. Legalizing Torture
  2. Torture Outsourcing Update
  3. Author's Note
  4. Talaat Fouad Qassem
  5. The Tirana Cell
  6. Mamdouh Habib
  7. Legislative Update: Torture Outsourcing Bill One Step Closer
  8. Torture Legalization: A Winning Strategy for YOUR Congressional Campaign!
  9. Jamil Qasim Saeed Mohammed
  10. Five Suspects Deported From Malawi to Zimbabwe
  11. White House Counsel's Letter on Torture Outsourcing
  12. Guantanamo's Evil Stepson
Update: Brought forward to note addition of latest posts.