The Quipper

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Upcoming GOP Civil War

Steve Gilliard suggests that the current Republican party is similar to the 70s Democrats, in that they have swung too far to an extreme and a series of electoral losses will lead to long-term moderation.

I certainly hope so. I find the current Republican party's blend of Christian fundamentalist moralism and corporatism particularly distasteful. I'm hoping for a landslide Kerry victory to help accelerate the process of Republican internal revolution.

I find David Brooks' vision of "progressive conservatism" -- that of "a slightly larger government, to value balanced budgets as highly as low taxes, to stop doing so many favors for business, and to focus on entitlement reform, national service, improving teacher quality, and promoting marriage in the ghetto." -- highly compelling, assuming it is paired with social liberalism. Such a candidate would be highly likely to receive my support. Of course, as Benjamin Wallace-Wells points out in the above link, such a vision is "far closer to the majority Democratic position than the Republican one".