The Quipper

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What Would Kerry Do?

Yesterday I read Daniel Drezner's posts About That P-Value and A Long, Winding, And Long-Winded Response (and their comments) which debate whether Kerry or Bush's foreign policy would be better. It seemed to me that many Bush supporters cited his aggressiveness and willingness to use force as the critical difference between him and Kerry. While I think Kerry would be much more militarily aggressive than many Bush supporters seem to think, I agree that it is significantly more likely that Bush would desire to invade Iran, Syria, or North Korea.

However, there seems to be an overriding point. Assuming we do not have a draft, Bush's aggressive instincts will be greatly curtailed due to existing military deployments. Furthermore, once you take that advantage (if you see it such) away from Bush, how does he stack up?

It seems that hilzoy at Obsidian Wings had a similar thought and explored it quite thoroughly in his post WWKD Take 2.