The Quipper

Monday, October 11, 2004

Incoherence from The Corner

Rich Lowry thinks Bush did fine in the second debate when answering the question on his mistakes, because he admitted that when, at some point, someone figures out in hindsight what he did wrong, it's his responsibility.

I think he's wrong politically and substantively. Questions like this are common on a job interview, because they reveal thought process and self-reflection. Bush's response, that he hired a couple people who screwed up (read: "it's not my fault") and that it's basically impossible to know now what he did wrong, are both substantively flawed. the first implies a lack of self-responsibility, the second implies he doesn't even stop to think that he might have made mistakes, when it's obvious that nobody including him is perfect. Stopping midstream to make corrections is an important way of keeping mistakes from boiling out of control, but saying that would violate his "flip-flop" narrative, so he doesn't say it. And by all accounts, he doesn't actually do it either.