The Quipper

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Many Faces Of Jonathan Stewart

The many-splendored Jon Stewart has the honor of entering my home via the airwaves (yes, it's a cable show, but I have satellite so it counts!) 4 days a week (it's Daily!... about half the time) to mock anything and everything that's been in the news. He's exceedingly good at it. Over the last several years (I watched the show even before he took over, and he's been a hell of a lot better than the craphead who used to host it) (and what is up with all these fucking parentheticals?) I've noticed that there are three common faces of Jon. Note, he is capable of infinite variety. But the three that strike me the most are these:

1) That's funny! Often marked by a nasally voice and adjusting the tie, or variation 1a, straight man for on-location reporter mocking on-location reporters.

2) That's sad. Face in hands. Common when discussing the Bush administration.

3) I'm fucking pissed.

Now, I'm lying when I say these three strike me the most, because I've only seen that last one once before, and that was when the asswipe who wrote "The Connection, a National Review-sponsored roundup of the discredited intelligence that got us into this stupidass war in Iraq warmed over and presented with feigned interest". He obviously came looking for some yucks, and Jon (who gave the guy 2 segments) absolutely shredded him, calling him and everything he stands for a disgrace and a travesty and a sham and a mockery, a distraveshamockery.

If you missed it, don't worry, because that Jon is back and he's calling Tucker Carlson a dick.