The Quipper

Friday, October 29, 2004

Today's Al-Qaqaa Bullshit

These guys are now accusing themselves of lying...

Matt Drudge says that, within the hour, a soldier will tell reporters at the Pentagon that he was tasked with removing explosives from al Qaqaa and that he and his unit removed more than 200 tons.

Ok, let's assume this actually happens. Here's a few questions.

  1. Doesn't this prove that the Moonie Times story that Drudge and Powerline have been pushing is completely false? Don't they owe us an apology?

  2. Doesn't this mean all the other cover stories, including the aerial photo they released yesterday, are completely bogus?

  3. If this guy showed up on the 13th, why were the bunkers still locked and containing explosives on the 18th?

  4. Who ordered this operation, why didn't anybody in the white house or pentagon know about it before today, and where are the explosives now?

  5. Given the obvious fabrications behind 1 & 2 and the inconsistancy of 3 & 4 with the external record, why should we believe THIS lie?