The Quipper

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Now What?

Simply put, Democrats, STOP BEING PUSSIES.

Every one of you.

Don't mince words, call the president a liar.

Don't mince words, call the anti-gay movement bigoted.

And understand that you're a minority party in the house and senate. Don't just be "obstructionist", FIGHT THE MOTHERFUCKERS.

They won't put you on conference committees? Filibuster every motherfuckin' bill. Find every damn mistake they make and hold it up to the light. When they support things like "extraordinary rendition", call it ANTI-AMERICAN. Because IT IS.

And grassroots folks -- time to get working. Time to talk to your neighbors about what's wrong with today's republican party, because it's got real problems and it's causing real problems for America.