The Quipper

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Quiver In Fear, Bastards

Atrios has a post about Tom DeLay, with links to a sample protest letter to send to your representative, if that rep has accepted money from DeLay, and to a list of who has accepted money from Tom and how much.

The strategy here is simple. Those who are most loathesome we must turn into a political liability. If accepting money from Tom DeLay means facing constituency fire and negative press at home, Republicans (especially those without extremely safe districts, who coincidentally are the ones who actually NEED the money) won't take it. This erodes his power base in the House.

This tactic needs to be used judiciously, as obviously you can't express this kind of outrage over every single republican representative, senator, or political strategist, but after this election cycle is over I have a suggestion for who should be next on the Distributed Hit List:

Karl Rove.