The Quipper

Monday, January 24, 2005

Harry Reid continues to kick ass and take names

Steve Soto has the details. Good stuff.

One more thing I'd like to see, though I don't know if Senate legislation is the right place to put this.

We need to start talking about the link between the Republican economic agenda, the drop in per-person earnings, the need for two incomes, and the resulting family problems that occur.

This is not a "get your bitch ass back in the kitchen" thing, this is simply about the fact that it's very very difficult for one parent or the other to stay home and take care of the kids.

That's a family value.

Update: a commenter named RT over at MaxSpeak has another good family values + economics pitch: Cube dwellers - who are largely 'professionals', but are really the line workers of the information economy - need overtime too. Cast it as a 'family values' issue - if employers are going to take their workers away from their kids on evenings and weekends, they should at least have to pay for the privilege. Because those kids need parents.