The Quipper

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Washington Post sucks

Social Security Problems Not a Crisis, Most Say

"I'm expecting to live on my own savings. I'm going to prepare for the worst so I don't get in trouble," said Sarah Kirby, 19, a political science and history major at Marquette University who said she believes Social Security is "outdated" because it did not anticipate the longevity of today's seniors.

Let me say first of all that I hate these kinds of articles, because they're stupid. "I found two retards on the street, one thinks Miller Lite Tastes Great, and the other thinks it's Less Filling!"

But I also hate when articles like this fail to mention that Sarah Kirby is a member of the Marquette College Republicans.

Sarah and Governor Pataki!

Doesn't Sarah look like a very sad lost little girl?*

Anyway, Sarah, for your edification: FDR's actuaries actually predicted the growth in longevity in 1935 and took it into account when designing the program. But thanks for playing Retarded Republican Bingo!

* Actual caption! What assmunch wrote that caption? Maybe she needs patting on the head.