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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Let the Eagle Sooooooooar!

John Ashcroft Resigns

worth another watch:

Don't let the proverbial screen door hit you in the ass, Jerk!

Any bets on who is replacing him? Pat Robertson? William Bennett? Let's see, what are the qualifications for being appointed to AG in a Bush administration?

  1. Has lost a congressional race to a dead guy
  2. Psychotic pentecostal christian
  3. Believes that a track record of 0 convictions (for 5,000 illegally detained persons) equals 'mission accomplished'
Now accepting nominees...

Monday, November 08, 2004

Fuck The South

In addition to everything else they do wrong, they also kill more cops.:

Twenty-eight of the 52 intentional killings and 37 of the 80 accidental deaths took place in the South, by far the deadliest region.


Andrew, you rubbed your ass on TV (I know, it's not TV, it's HBO) on Friday. Still no explanation, and it's now Monday.

The Internet deserves nothing less than a full and honest explanation of the truth behind ASS-GATE. Andrew, you OWE it to your readers to explain.

Update: was CBS news behind a forgery of the video footage?

Second update: it's been 10 minutes and still no response from Andrew. I say, GUILTY!

Tax Golems

Today's New York Times has an article Big Tax Plans, Big Tax Risks by Richard W. Stevenson which discusses Bush's desire to reform the national tax code. As usual, the article is structured as a he-said, she-said argument with no real independent analysis.

According to the article, Bush has stated that he wants to the tax code reform to be revenue neutral. Given this goal, the most important question that needs to be asked is how the tax burden will be restructured -- who will end up paying more in taxes and who will pay less? Considering the current Administration has favored tax cuts on wealth over work, shifted the tax burden to the middle class, repeatedly cut taxes for corporations, eliminated the estate tax (which only hits the wealthiest families), and its obsession with the "flat tax" (which typically is a red herring for tax simplification through the elimination of deductions, many of which favor the poor), the Administration doesn't seem to have the working class's interests truly at heart.

I predict that, once again, the poor and middle class are going to have their pockets picked by the rich. Consider this quote from the article: "Advocates of both options say [that some tax reform proposals] would give the economy a substantial boost by effectively eliminating taxes on savings and investment". Eliminating taxes on saving and investment is another way of saying "tax work, not wealth".

Amazingly, the national sales tax is an even worse idea. Why does it not surprise me that Cheney appears to be a fan?

However, my biggest pet peeve with articles on tax policy is they never seem to consider total federal tax burden, let alone total federal, state, and local tax burden. My personal payroll tax burden (both employee and employer share) is larger than my 2003 federal income tax burden, and I'm probably in the second quintile of federal income!

Friday, November 05, 2004

"You broke it, you bought it."

Slate's Dan Gross writes little preview of the mess that Dems would have had to clean up, and why the potential silver lining will be watching the market pass judgement on the faith-based economics of the Bush team:
In decades past, increasing Republican dominance of the House and Senate would have meant more fiscal discipline. But Republicans increasingly dominate the states that are net drains on Federal taxes—the Southern and Great Plains states—while fading in the coastal states that produce a disproportionate share of federal revenue. (It's Republicans, not Democrats, who are sucking on the federal teat.) What Amity Shlaes quaintly identified in today's Financial Times as the "southern culture of tax cutting" has been married to the southern culture of failing to generate wealth and the southern culture of depending on federal largesse. The offspring is an unsightly deficit monster.

Establishmentarians have long wondered when the grown-ups will asserts themselves in the Republican party. The stark truth today is that there are no grown-ups.

Kevin Drum over at Washington Monthly refers to Brad Delong's analysis of the long-run effects of this faith-based economics insanity. Time to read up on the Argentinian economy?

So, will we get unsustainable spending increases coupled with irresponsible tax reductions?

Will we be neck-deep in an expensive occupation of a hostile foreign land with no planned exit?
Already there.

Should we start hedging with investments in the Euro?

Long live supply-side jaysus!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Now What?

Simply put, Democrats, STOP BEING PUSSIES.

Every one of you.

Don't mince words, call the president a liar.

Don't mince words, call the anti-gay movement bigoted.

And understand that you're a minority party in the house and senate. Don't just be "obstructionist", FIGHT THE MOTHERFUCKERS.

They won't put you on conference committees? Filibuster every motherfuckin' bill. Find every damn mistake they make and hold it up to the light. When they support things like "extraordinary rendition", call it ANTI-AMERICAN. Because IT IS.

And grassroots folks -- time to get working. Time to talk to your neighbors about what's wrong with today's republican party, because it's got real problems and it's causing real problems for America.

No Retreat, No Surrender

Excellent choice of campaign theme songs, Senator Kerry. Tonight, we're all going up river.

"We made a promise, one we'd always remember..."

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


CRIMINEY! [Jonah Goldberg]

I went out for a brief lunch with missus and I come back to discover things are going south? What the...? From what I'm hearing, Florida's an uphill climb right now and New Hampshire's a lost cause. Trying to nail things down.

The Mandate Of A Kerry Landslide

Don't forget -- even though a Kerry presidency is only possible through an Electoral College victory, his mandate will be largely determined by the national popular vote. This means that even if you aren't in a swing state, a vote for Kerry is still important -- it sends the clear message that the nation as a whole rejects Bush's performance in office, and that we will stand behind our new Commander in Chief.

Get out and vote!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Andrew Sullivan calls Kaus out

"It's always pleasant to be dismissed as "excitable". I do react to events instantly and with my emotions as well as my brain. And I reserve the right in blog-time to change my mind. But I have never been so excitable as to have argued last December that Kerry's campaign was so execrably bad that he should withdraw from the race before the Iowa caucuses. Let's roll the tape, shall we?"

Cue Nelson-laugh.

Despair not, part II


Despair not

Check out what republican poll watchers were saying the day before election day in 2000:

The real debate is not who is going to win the election, but whether Bush will win 308 electoral votes or 474 electoral votes... The worst case scenario for a Bush victory will be a 2-3 point win in the popular vote and 10-20% more than the necessary 270 EC votes... George W. Bush has a better chance of carrying New Jersey and Vermont than Al Gore does of becoming the next President of the United States.... On Tuesday night the talking heads will all be abuzz with ... the surprising strength of Ralph Nader... We continue to see a landslide of over 400 electoral votes and a Bush win by 7-10 points."

For the record, Al Gore carried New Jersey and Vermont, and should have been the next President of the United States. Ah well.

John Kerry, Contras, and Cocaine

Salon ran a story a few days ago by Robert Parry entitled How John Kerry Exposed The Contra-Cocaine Scandal. Here's a passage from the article:

Behind it all was Kerry, who combined a prosecutor's sense for sniffing out criminality and a politician's instinct for pushing the limits. The Kerry whom I met during this period was a complex man who balanced a rebellious idealism with a determination not to burn his bridges to the political establishment.

The Reagan administration did everything it could to thwart Kerry's investigation, including attempting to discredit witnesses, stonewalling the Senate when it requested evidence and assigning the CIA to monitor Kerry's probe. But it couldn't stop Kerry and his investigators from discovering the explosive truth: that the Contra war was permeated with drug traffickers who gave the Contras money, weapons and equipment in exchange for help in smuggling cocaine into the United States. Even more damningly, Kerry found that U.S. government agencies knew about the Contra-drug connection, but turned a blind eye to the evidence in order to avoid undermining a top Reagan-Bush foreign policy initiative.

This and the BCCI investigation are two crystal-clear positive reasons to vote for Kerry, independent of any anti-Bush sentiments.

Joe Trippi

I really don't intend to turn this into an all "powerline is stupid", all the time blog, but they really crack me up: "Joe Trippi (Is he a blogger? Not that I know of)..."

Well, dumbasses, he does have a blog on and he posts on MSNBC's HardBlogger (probably the bit that got him on the NBC news broadcast), but he became nationally famous pimping Howard Dean's (now part of Dean's during the primaries. Perhaps if you didn't have your heads up Glenn Reynold's ass you might have heard of that one.