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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Christopher Hitchens is, as usual, wrong.

I am really tired of hearing Christopher Hitchens talk about "The far left" and "anybody but Bush". Here's a quote: "The amazing thing is the literalness with which the mantra is chanted. Anybody? Including Muqtada al-Sadr? The chilling answer is, quite often, yes. This is nihilism."

Hitchens, eat my ass. Find me a voter who says they'd vote for al-Sadr over Bush and I'll find you someone with a sense of humor. Let me tell you what "anybody but Bush" meant. It was, very simply, a slogan the Democrats used in the primary to reassure each other that nobody was going to go Nader on the rest of the party. It was not a contentious primary after New Hampshire, to be sure, but we all knew that whoever won would have the full backing of the Democratic party.

That is the meaning of Anybody But Bush.

And as someone who knows the failings and missteps of this president with such detail, you should know the truth and importance of that sentiment, that statement against failure.

Since the convention, however, you may have noticed that nobody is saying "anybody but Bush." President Clinton, the most popular ex-president in 50 years, spoke to the largest crowd he had ever addressed in his life. They gathered together in Philadelphia, the birthpace of our great nation, to not see him, but to see the next great Democratic president of the United States, John Kerry. A man of complete integrity, a man of tremendous personal and political strength and courage. As a young man, he faced death in Vietnam. As a young protester, he stood up for truth and honesty, and took the words of those who could not speak them to their own nation they had struggled to defend, and made them be heard. As a young Senator, he took the corruption of Iran-Contra on head-first, when both Democrats and Republicans would not address the scandal head on. When he found a bank funding drugs and terrorism across the globe, he ignored its political connections and brought it down. When no one else would go back to Vietnam, he sat down next to a man who resented his actions 25 years before, and was able to convince him of the justice in what he said. If John McCain can forgive him for speaking against a war while he was a prisoner of it, surely anyone can.

At the same time, he was at the forefront of the Democratic party and the left moving through the last two decades. Was one of three Democrats to vote for a balanced budget in 1985. He voted against the first Iraq war, but saw that the military had moved past its failures in Vietnam. With that experience, he voted for military action in Bosnia, Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan and again in Iraq. In the last, he put his faith in a president who has shown himself to be manifestly incapable of holding anyone's sacred faith or trust, shown himself to be unfit for office, and profaned his position far more than the man who proceeded him.

John Kerry will not profane the Oval Office. Had he turned to Iraq in late 2002, he would not have used it as a political tool, as cheap domestic capital. He would not have turned away allies over childish peevishness. He would have been a man. And that is why I am voting for John Kerry. Because he is a man.

And let me take exception to one more thing you say, Mr. Hitchens. "I was asked if I would also say something here about my personal evolution. I took that to mean: How do you like your new right-wing friends? I can only return the question. I prefer them to Pat Buchanan and Vladimir Putin."

Sir, both of those men have endorsed your candidate for President, George W. Bush.

Friday, October 29, 2004


This bin Laden thing buries Bush. "Dead or alive," and 3 years later he's laughing at your posse, man, not good.

120M voters. 53/45/2 Kerry/Bush/Other. 379 EV for Kerry.

(Bush holds TX ID UT MT WY ND SD KS OK IN KY TN MS AL NC SC). He's screwed.

I don't know what's going to happen in the house or senate, it's too crazy. I think we'll knock off Bunning though. Batshit crazy doesn't fly with voters anymore.

Bin Laden Speaks

And really, who the fuck cares what he says? I don't want to play the game, trying to guess what he wants and vote against it. I am voting for what _I_ want, which is this fucker dead or in a cage and then dead, and a President who will accomplish that.

Update: And in case it's unclear, that's not the President who said he wanted Usama "dead or alive." Ok, he's alive -- what have you done about it?

Finally, John Ellis and I agree

On what the Bush administration would be like:

"Here's to four more years of hell."

What an endorsement!

Today's Al-Qaqaa Bullshit

These guys are now accusing themselves of lying...

Matt Drudge says that, within the hour, a soldier will tell reporters at the Pentagon that he was tasked with removing explosives from al Qaqaa and that he and his unit removed more than 200 tons.

Ok, let's assume this actually happens. Here's a few questions.

  1. Doesn't this prove that the Moonie Times story that Drudge and Powerline have been pushing is completely false? Don't they owe us an apology?

  2. Doesn't this mean all the other cover stories, including the aerial photo they released yesterday, are completely bogus?

  3. If this guy showed up on the 13th, why were the bunkers still locked and containing explosives on the 18th?

  4. Who ordered this operation, why didn't anybody in the white house or pentagon know about it before today, and where are the explosives now?

  5. Given the obvious fabrications behind 1 & 2 and the inconsistancy of 3 & 4 with the external record, why should we believe THIS lie?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

60 Minutes

So, apparently Leslie Stahl and 60 Minutes were doing a piece on Saturday Night Live, and had cameras rolling when Ashlee Simpson had her little sync problem.

Is there anything fake these guys DON'T cover?

Kerry In Iraq

Bradford Plumer has written an article for Mother Jones entitled What Kerry Can Do In Iraq which, shockingly, discusses what Kerry can do to stabilize Iraq.

The single biggest asset Kerry brings to the table is competency. A close second is a devotion to results over ideology -- a Kerry administration wouldn't have made Iraq his near-libertarian economic theory experiment, nor would it have worn anti-internationalism as a badge of honor, nor would it have favored no-bid contracts over Iraqis performing the work themselves for less money, nor would it have vindictively excluded European contractors who originally built much of the Iraqi infrastructure, nor would it have appointed 20-something Heritage Foundation ideologues into positions of extreme power, nor would it have accepted pure "democracy" over pluralism, nor would it have not fired anyone once their mistakes became obvious.

More Head-In-The-Sand-ness

Hitchens ruminates on whether al-Zarqawi is worse than Hitler, or something.

I don't know, Chris, maybe he wouldn't have such sway if we had TAKEN HIM OUT in 2002.

Powerline gets it WRONG, AGAIN

Typical spin from these guys desparate to ignore the stench of malfeasance coming from the White House.

They describe Keller as "backpedaling furiously" when he acknowledges the minute possibility that the weapons were removed before the US arrived (i.e. the Bush Admin cover story). While still in "forged-documents" mode, the repeat this line from the original story: "White House and Pentagon officials acknowledge that the explosives vanished sometime after the American-led invasion last year."...

That statement was untrue, of course; just one of many in the Times hit piece. Keller's revisionist history shows, I suppose, that the Times knows its coverage of this "story" is indefensible. But don't expect a correction, at least not until after the election.

Are you suggesting that nobody in the Pentagon or White House admitted the obvious -- that this is part of the massive postwar looting effort carried out at weapons and dual-use tools sites ALL OVER IRAQ as documented repeatedly?

And since you're asking for corrections, how about one from you. Because the Minneapolis/Saint Paul ABC affiliate has video from April 18th, 2003 showing the explosives still in Al Qaqaa. (also reported on TAPPED, atrios, etc).

Guys? Any time now, I'm waiting.

Update: Big Media Matt over at TAPPED points out how bad their case is:

[T]he truth about this controversy is hardly unknowable. On John Kerry's side are witnesses, television footage, and officials from the U.S. Army and Iraqi Interim Government. On George W. Bush's side are Bush, Bush's political appointees, and the press aides to Bush's political appointees. It doesn't take a psychic to figure out who's wrong and who's right here.

And Newsweek points out this is the tip of the iceberg of stolen war materiel in Iraq. This isn't bad, this isn't a political problem, this is a national security disaster that we'll be paying for for a decade.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

When The Facts Are Politically Unfavorable...

...blame the facts! After all, that's what our highly distinguished Vice President, Dick "Pumphead" Cheney, does.


Noam Schrieber finds what may be a serious 'abuse' of taxpayer funds...


So, Afghanistan isn't exactly going swimmingly, but it seems to be on a wobbly uphill path, rather than degrading into interminable violence like the president's My Pet War.

On the other hand, like I said, Iraq is totally fucked.

Now, where are France, Germany and the UN involved? Afghanistan. Where are France, Germany and the UN not involved? Iraq.

Where is George W. Bush's (and perhaps more importantly, the entire Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush team's) anti-Midas touch concentrated? Iraq.

Lucky Afghanistan.

Why Does hate our troops?

BBC reports that it is official policy of the BC04 campaign to block non-US browsers from their website. Including overseas absentee ballot holders, including OUR TROOPS.

The State Of Energy

Winds Of Change.NET has a post New Energy Currents that provides an overview of the current feasibility of long-term sustainable energy generation. Summary: We have a long way to go.

John Kerry has a plan. George W. Bush still can't get his energy bill (a.k.a. "Leave No Oilman Behind") passed with a Republican Congress.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Where does Glenn find people who haven't even heard of "Vote Or Die"? Dear lord, woman, I'm completely pop culture illiterate and I've still heard of it.

Explosives story

I just received this email from the vast right wing conspiracy. Your faith-based assessment of the situation may need revising:

-- begin

The "cache emptied before US in control of Iraq" cover story is no
longer operative. Please check POWERLINEBLOG for new cover story --
NY TIMES MEMO was forged by known LEFTIST and UN AGITATOR Mohammed El

BC04 ADVISES this cover story is of extremely short half-life and may
not remain operative through Nov 2 04 -- PLEASE CHECK BACK FREQUENTLY

-- end quote.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Sadistic Bastards

And for once, I'm not talking about the Bush Administration (though, see Eric Umansky's comment on the sudden spate of bad news for Bush right before the election.

No, I'm talking about whoever scheduled a major release at work right before Election Day. This'll be my last post until my celebratory post-victory lap Nov 2. So, for the record, here's my prediction: Kerry 330 EV. 51% popular vote.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Creeping Theocracy

Beliefnet has the story (via Sully...)

Oregon Measure 36

Now, I have to say, I'm generally anti-ballot measure. These things were designed as a way to circumvent the legislature when the legislature was too corrupt to implement certain policies -- a last resort, not a way of jamming crappy public policy through with misleading TV ads. However, these arguments in favor of Oregon's Measure 36 (a gay marriage ban) sure have me convinced.

Dan Drezner makes up his mind

What a sane, right-thinking analysis of this election looks like.

Update: from his comments: "Vote Badnarik- at least he knows he's crazy."

Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Victory Aganst the Evil Diebold

"Nelson Pavlosky and Luke Smith, both 20, last month won a federal court case against Diebold for the right to post an archive of 15,000 internal Diebold memos from 1999 to 2003 that appear to expose serious flaws in the company's voting machines."

San Jose Mercury News article covers students winning a federal court case against Diebold. There are serious concerns not only about this election, but about how Diebold got so far down the path of influencing the election in the first place.

Kerry's Post-Election Strategy

Chris Bowers at MyDD points out Kerry's post-election strategy -- Kerry is determined not to make the same mistakes that Al Gore did in 2000.

The Hacks Mickey Kaus And Andrew Sullivan

Atrios gives them the business.

More Halliburton Goodness

Andy Stern at Fight For The Future points out the following fact in his post Putting People First?:

It turns out that Cheney took away pension benefits from hundreds of Halliburton employees at the same time that the company was expanding Cheney’s own retirement benefits by $20 million.

These facts have been documented by one of the leading pension rights watchdogs in Congress, Representative George Miller of California.

Rep. Miller found that Cheney changed the corporate status of one of Halliburton’s subsidiaries, told the employees that this wouldn’t affect their pensions, and then took away pension benefits even though the workers were performing the same duties in the same location that they always had.

The employees asked Bush two years ago to take action, but the Bush Labor Department has done nothing.

Why Do People Continue To Support Bush?

Paul Waldman at The Gadflyer points out it often is simply because they aren't members of the reality-based community.

More Bush Corruption

This has been discussed at length, but it's worth pointing out again: The New England chair of Bush-Cheney '04 was known by the campaign to be involved in an electioneering stunt that was a felony, but remained on their payroll until his personal involvement became publicly known. Some integrity.

CIA Coverups

Josh Marshall points out that the CIA is also burying a report on the Niger forgeries, in addition to the 9/11 Report we've previously covered.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What Does Social Security Reform Really Mean?

Dave Johnson at The American Street puts Social Security "reform" proposals in perspective.

More Evidence That Bush Is Insane

Trapper John at Daily Kos relays this anecdote from CNN:

Pat Robertson, an ardent Bush supporter, said he had that conversation with the president in Nashville, Tennessee, before the March 2003 invasion U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. He described Bush in the meeting as "the most self-assured man I've ever met in my life."

"You remember Mark Twain said, 'He looks like a contented Christian with four aces.' I mean he was just sitting there like, 'I'm on top of the world,' " Robertson said on the CNN show, "Paula Zahn Now."

"And I warned him about this war. I had deep misgivings about this war, deep misgivings. And I was trying to say, 'Mr. President, you had better prepare the American people for casualties.' "

Robertson said the president then told him, "Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties."

I think we are well overdue for a President whose brain isn't in Fantasyland.

The Upcoming GOP Civil War

Steve Gilliard suggests that the current Republican party is similar to the 70s Democrats, in that they have swung too far to an extreme and a series of electoral losses will lead to long-term moderation.

I certainly hope so. I find the current Republican party's blend of Christian fundamentalist moralism and corporatism particularly distasteful. I'm hoping for a landslide Kerry victory to help accelerate the process of Republican internal revolution.

I find David Brooks' vision of "progressive conservatism" -- that of "a slightly larger government, to value balanced budgets as highly as low taxes, to stop doing so many favors for business, and to focus on entitlement reform, national service, improving teacher quality, and promoting marriage in the ghetto." -- highly compelling, assuming it is paired with social liberalism. Such a candidate would be highly likely to receive my support. Of course, as Benjamin Wallace-Wells points out in the above link, such a vision is "far closer to the majority Democratic position than the Republican one".

All Politics, All The Time

The Carpetbagger Report mentions another Bush first -- the National Security Advisor clearly using her position for political purposes. More business as usual from the "Mayberry Machiavellis".

Who Told Kerry To Avoid Mentioning BCCI

Jack O'Toole says it was Bob Shrum but defends the decision.

More Presidential Endorsements

The Flu Vaccine Shortage

DemFromCT on Daily Kos and Mark A. R. Kleiman explain why the Bush administration deserves at least some blame for this year's flu vaccine shortage.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Quiver In Fear, Bastards

Atrios has a post about Tom DeLay, with links to a sample protest letter to send to your representative, if that rep has accepted money from DeLay, and to a list of who has accepted money from Tom and how much.

The strategy here is simple. Those who are most loathesome we must turn into a political liability. If accepting money from Tom DeLay means facing constituency fire and negative press at home, Republicans (especially those without extremely safe districts, who coincidentally are the ones who actually NEED the money) won't take it. This erodes his power base in the House.

This tactic needs to be used judiciously, as obviously you can't express this kind of outrage over every single republican representative, senator, or political strategist, but after this election cycle is over I have a suggestion for who should be next on the Distributed Hit List:

Karl Rove.

"Let's Roll"

That's the winning caption from Salon's War Room competition....

CIA Names Names In Hidden 9/11 Report

If Robert Scheer is correct then I guess we know why Porter Goss was in such a rush to get appointed...

Conservative Blogger Call To Arms

Laura Rozen stumbles onto their october surprise....

Examining Kerry's Senate Record

Greg at The Talent Show defends Kerry's Senate record.

Suggested MoveOn ad

Clip: Bush says "compassionate conservative."
Freeze frame.
Narrator: "Sound familiar?"
Clip: Bush I says "kinder, gentler America."

Narrator: And they're at it again.

Clip: Bush: "We don't need a draft."
Freeze-frame. Narrator: "Uh-huh?"
Clip: Bush I: "Read my lips."

Gallup Again

Ruy Teixeira at the Emerging Democratic Majority blasts Gallup's Presidental poll yet again.

Krugman On The Draft

Paul Krugman has to be the charter member of the reality-based community. His take on the draft is here.

Tommy Franks, General Spinner

Edward at Obsidian Wings takes his hand at de-spinning General Tommy Franks' New York Times Op-Ed in his post General Misunderstandings.

Mismanagement Of The Iraqi Aftermath

Michael Young at Reason's Hit & Run has a post Screwing Iraq Up Big Time which discusses Michael R. Gordon's New York Times article The Strategy to Secure Iraq Did Not Foresee a 2nd War. Young interprets Gordon to place much of the blame at Bush's subordinates, most prominently Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The passage from the article which seems to be reappearing throughout the blogosphere is:

John Abizaid was the only one who really had his head in the postwar game," General Garner said, referring to the general who served as General Franks's deputy and eventually his successor. "The Bush administration did not. Condi Rice did not. Doug Feith didn't. You could go brief them, but you never saw any initiative come of them. You just kind of got a north and south nod. And so it ends with so many tragic things.

Kevin Drum has some further analysis.

*sigh* I remember when the high quality of subordinates was supposed to be a Bush selling point in 2000.

What Would Kerry Do?

Yesterday I read Daniel Drezner's posts About That P-Value and A Long, Winding, And Long-Winded Response (and their comments) which debate whether Kerry or Bush's foreign policy would be better. It seemed to me that many Bush supporters cited his aggressiveness and willingness to use force as the critical difference between him and Kerry. While I think Kerry would be much more militarily aggressive than many Bush supporters seem to think, I agree that it is significantly more likely that Bush would desire to invade Iran, Syria, or North Korea.

However, there seems to be an overriding point. Assuming we do not have a draft, Bush's aggressive instincts will be greatly curtailed due to existing military deployments. Furthermore, once you take that advantage (if you see it such) away from Bush, how does he stack up?

It seems that hilzoy at Obsidian Wings had a similar thought and explored it quite thoroughly in his post WWKD Take 2.

Republicans For Kerry

Both The Carpetbagger Report and DemWatch report that a number of high-profile Republicans and conservatives have recently endorsed John Kerry for President, including:

  • William G. Milliken, Republican Governor of Michigan, 1969-1982

  • Scott McConnell, The American Conservative writer

  • Clyde Prestowitz, Reagan administration Commerce Department official

  • Former Representative Bob Barr (R-GA)

  • Robert A. George, New York Post writer and former Newt Gingrich aide

This is in addition to the previous endorsements by Republicans such as Ambassador John Eisenhower (son of Dwight D. Eisenhower) and former Nixon administration EPA director Russell Train.

Monday, October 18, 2004

CIA Spymaster Says Pre-War Intelligence Not "Slam-Dunk"

Cosmic Iguana has the goods. The key quote by former CIA spymaster James Pavitt:

I in fact sat in a number of meetings and I said there may be a number of reasons for going to war, but I do not see the intelligence we have on weapons of mass destruction being the one that carries the day.

Stowcroft: Iraq Is A Failing Venture

The Carpetbagger Report informs us that Brent Stowcroft, George H.W. Bush's National Security Advisor, is highly critical of the Bush administration's unilateralism and calls Iraq and Afghanistan a "failing venture".

Sunlight As Disinfectant discusses the New York Times's article on torture practices in Guantanamo.

Bush Nixes Muslim Peacekeepers For Iraq...

...because they would be controlled by the U.N. instead of by U.S. military officers. How can we fight an effective global War on Terrorism while being led by knee-jerk anti-internationalists?

Heads They Win, Tails You Lose

A breakdown of the Florida manual vote recount process for electronic voting machines.

Rove Is Unimpressive, Says Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias posits and provides evidence that Karl Rove's skills are overrated.

Tommy Franks, General Moron

According to Kevin Drum, General Tommy Franks has blamed the disbanding of the Iraqi army on Congress rather than Bush or Rumsfeld because they "never appropriated money for that purpose".

Even though Jay Garner said that money to pay the Iraqi army was budgeted (according to Drum), the real issue to The Quipper is the rhetorical question "Who is responsible for asking for the money?!?!?!"

Deconstructing The Bush Administration

In the New York Times Magazine this weekend, The Price Of Loyalty author and journalist Ron Suskind wrote the lengthly article Without A Doubt which provides fascinating insight into the Bush administration. Here's a telling passage:

In the Oval Office in December 2002, the president met with a few ranking senators and members of the House, both Republicans and Democrats. In those days, there were high hopes that the United States-sponsored "road map" for the Israelis and Palestinians would be a pathway to peace, and the discussion that wintry day was, in part, about countries providing peacekeeping forces in the region. The problem, everyone agreed, was that a number of European countries, like France and Germany, had armies that were not trusted by either the Israelis or Palestinians. One congressman -- the Hungarian-born Tom Lantos, a Democrat from California and the only Holocaust survivor in Congress -- mentioned that the Scandinavian countries were viewed more positively. Lantos went on to describe for the president how the Swedish Army might be an ideal candidate to anchor a small peacekeeping force on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Sweden has a well-trained force of about 25,000. The president looked at him appraisingly, several people in the room recall.

"I don't know why you're talking about Sweden," Bush said. "They're the neutral one. They don't have an army."

Lantos paused, a little shocked, and offered a gentlemanly reply: "Mr. President, you may have thought that I said Switzerland. They're the ones that are historically neutral, without an army." Then Lantos mentioned, in a gracious aside, that the Swiss do have a tough national guard to protect the country in the event of invasion.

Bush held to his view. "No, no, it's Sweden that has no army."

The room went silent, until someone changed the subject.

A few weeks later, members of Congress and their spouses gathered with administration officials and other dignitaries for the White House Christmas party. The president saw Lantos and grabbed him by the shoulder. "You were right," he said, with bonhomie. "Sweden does have an army."

Eating Your Own Seed Corn

INTEL DUMP mentions that the Army is deploying the elite 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (a.k.a. the Blackhorse regiment) to Iraq, and mentions some of the rather serious consequences.

Enough Said

Beautiful Horizons points to a Knight-Ridder series entitled Planning For After The War In Iraq Non-Existant.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Many Faces Of Jonathan Stewart

The many-splendored Jon Stewart has the honor of entering my home via the airwaves (yes, it's a cable show, but I have satellite so it counts!) 4 days a week (it's Daily!... about half the time) to mock anything and everything that's been in the news. He's exceedingly good at it. Over the last several years (I watched the show even before he took over, and he's been a hell of a lot better than the craphead who used to host it) (and what is up with all these fucking parentheticals?) I've noticed that there are three common faces of Jon. Note, he is capable of infinite variety. But the three that strike me the most are these:

1) That's funny! Often marked by a nasally voice and adjusting the tie, or variation 1a, straight man for on-location reporter mocking on-location reporters.

2) That's sad. Face in hands. Common when discussing the Bush administration.

3) I'm fucking pissed.

Now, I'm lying when I say these three strike me the most, because I've only seen that last one once before, and that was when the asswipe who wrote "The Connection, a National Review-sponsored roundup of the discredited intelligence that got us into this stupidass war in Iraq warmed over and presented with feigned interest". He obviously came looking for some yucks, and Jon (who gave the guy 2 segments) absolutely shredded him, calling him and everything he stands for a disgrace and a travesty and a sham and a mockery, a distraveshamockery.

If you missed it, don't worry, because that Jon is back and he's calling Tucker Carlson a dick.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Drug Reimportation

Here's why I'm for it.

I'm tired of fucking Canadians and Europeans fucking freeloading while we pay higher prices to keep the drug companies profits up and R&D going. Why should we be the only country to get fucked? I say, let's take the canadian drugs until they all have to negotiate a decent price that's more in line with what we pay.

Have you ever wondered....

"Where's a good middle eastern restaurant near Fox News Channel's New York Headquarters?"

The Falafel Factor can tell you!

How Ironic

The Bush campaign's support for civil liberties in a nutshell.

More GOP Rewarding Of Failure

Actually, this time, it's more like rewarding for criminal activity.

Raiding Retirement System For Political Purposes

Instead of raising the debt ceiling in an election season and causing uncomfortable political blowback, the Bush Administration is planning on borrowing from the civil service retirement system until after the elections. "A tax gap", indeed.

Iraq War Has Lead to Rise Of Terror

A few weeks ago General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan said that the War in Iraq has made the global War on Terrorism much more difficult. Saudi Arabia concurs.

Illinois Republicans' Fatal Mistake

Kos illustrates how the nomination of Illinois Republican U.S. Senate candidate Alan "Loony" Keyes to run against Democrat superstar Barack Obama not only guaranteed their loss in Illinois, it may lose them much, much more.

Even The Vietnamese Debunk SBVfT Allegations

Nightline went to Vietnam to investigate the allegations surrounding the battle from which Kerry earned his Silver Star, and they found that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were full of it.

Reward Failure

Not only does the Bush administration not penalize failure, they actually reward it!

Surging Federal Budget Deficit

AMERICAblog points out that the Federal Budget deficit has surged to $413 billion in 2004 from $377 billion in 2003. After inflation, this is the highest deficit since World War II. The linked article has a quote from Treasury Secretary John Snow who said:

All of this shows that the president's tax [cuts] are having the intended effects.

Indeed it does.

(Of course, Snow was referring to how the actual deficit is under the initial estimates, and he used the euphamism "tax relief initiatives" over "tax cuts".)

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Today's Idiocy From The Corner


...If Mrs Edwards is being obtuse, that's nothing compared with the 'senior Kerry aide' also quoted in the story. Kerry's comments were not inappropriate, she said. "The woman is in her thirties. She's public about her sexuality. It was brought up in the last debate. So, what the hell?"

"It was brought up in the last debate." Brought up by whom, I wonder.

BY THE FUCKING MODERATOR, dumbass. Also note: Cheney talked about the issue at a town hall meeting on the stump about a month ago. Mary Cheney is 1) out with a partner for the last 6+ years at least 2) a member of her father's campaign and 3) responsible for GAY OUTREACH FOR THE CAMPAIGN.

And, Mrs. Cheney, why are you so offended now when John Kerry says something nice about you and your daughter but you had nothing to say when a member of your own party called her a "selfish hedonist" during the Republican Convention?


"Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it's an issue that our family is very familiar with. ... With respect to the question of relationships, my general view is that freedom means freedom for everyone. People ought to be able to free -- ought to be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to."

Dick Cheney, 25 Aug 2004 (via atrios)

Note to Bush: Massachussets is 1/50th of the US

Bush and Cheney have been wearing out the "Senator Kennedy... er Kerry" lines (Either it's a joke, and it's time to change up the phrasing, or is Cheney really that stupid?) -- with three slurs juxtaposing "liberal" and "Massachusetts" in last night's debate --er "chimplosion".

Today, Timothy Noah throws it back in Bush's face, in his article "Lay Off Massachusetts"

George W. Bush doesn't get to choose which United States he's president of.

Noah, one of my favorite Slate contributors, injects some facts which may be destructive to a hard core "red stater's" self-image. Namely that by and large, the red states are the ones most desperately addicted to the government teat.

Maybe they know this, and their virulent anti-government posturing is some sort of projecting?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Cause Of The Deficit

MaxSpeak shows that the primary cause of the deficit is not recession nor increased spending, but the tax cuts. In other words, this means that Bush is lying. Huh, whoda thunk it?

Dem Senate Chances Look Very Good

MyDD has the latest development in the Martinez-Castor Florida U.S. Senate race and also summarizes how Democratic chances in the U.S. Senate look good nearly across the board.

Kerry Debate Advice Day

Jeff Alworth has some more Kerry debate advice.

Getting Under Bush's Skin

The latest Kerry campaign strategy? John Edwards had an especially nice line:

I run, I played a little football when I was in school. And the president, I think, was there at those football games too. He was, I think, on the side, maybe with his pompoms? Can you run fast with those cheerleading outfits on?

Kilvert and Forbes....

(to the tune of "Gonads and Strife"?)

I really hate this kind of gotcha question, but it's extra stupid when you haven't done your homework:

You promise to create millions of jobs, but many people who run businesses say that nothing in your life has taught you how much effort, risk and sometimes heartbreak goes into creating one real job. Could you describe your experiences when you last had to meet a payroll, or when your boss had to meet a payroll?

Kilvert And Forbes

Kilvert & Forbes was originally created in 1976 when Quincy Market first opened its doors as the famous food colonnade.

At the time, founder John Kerry was practicing law, which he found to be “quite predictable and very boring”. So this chocolate lover and his friend and business partner K. Dunn Gifford opened the bakery and named it after their mothers, featuring family recipes. In 1982, Lt. Governor Kerry bought his partner’s shares of the business and sold them to Stanley and Linda Klein. A few years later, he sold his own shares to the Kleins. Even though Senator Kerry is no longer at Kilvert & Forbes, we hear that he still loves chocolate!

(also on atrios)

Flow Chart Ad

Bush has a new ad on his website with a really complicated flowchart in which he tells you how horrible the Kerry plan is. Actual Kerry plan. Step 1: You do nothing. Step 2: Your premiums come down. Step 3: if you get incredibly sick, your insurance company doesn't try to bail.

I can't find it now, and it's really pissing me off, but Rep Joe Hoeffel (D-PA) (currently running for PA senate) had an awesome flowchart at one point detailing Bush's medicare prescription drug card plan and the steps users needed to take to find use the benefit. The pictures Bush is showing actually look exactly like that.

More Debate Advice

Hesiod Theogeny has a good suggestion for Kerry tonight as well. Time to stop baiting Bush by distancing him from his father's record and tie it around his neck like the millstone it is.

Nevada GOP Firm Shreds Dem Voter Registrations

Kos has the details.

National GOP Encouraging Campaign Workers To Cheat?

According to Kos, former Republican SD governor Bill Janklow said exactly that.

Ten Commandments Debate Advice

It seems to be a bit of a slow day, so I thought I'd share this debate advice on how Kerry should handle the "Ten Commandments in public buldings" question.

International Involvement In Iraq

Looks like Kerry was right when he said to Bush "Just because you can't get it done [more international involvement in Iraq], doesn't mean it can't be done."

Health Care Finance Experts For Kerry?

Well, not exactly, but they aren't happy with Bush's misrepresentations of Kerry's health proposals.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Iraq's My Lai?

A Tiny Revolution transcribes a Seymour Hersh speech given on Friday, October 8. The Quipper is at a loss for words.

Equal Opportunity

CLIMATE OF FEAR UPDATE: "Offices that house President Bush's re-election campaign in Spokane were broken into and vandalized last night, the latest in a string of crimes at Republican offices across the country."

Dear Mr. Reynolds: This is a hotly contested election. There have been a lot of problems on all sides.

Coalition Strength

Funny analysis from Al Franken's radio show: Cheney said, "You made the comment that the gulf war coalition in 91 was far stronger than this. We had 34 countries then we have 30 today." 8 of those 30 are former soviet republics, one of the 34 was the USSR, including the Russian Army. Russia is not a member of the coalition of the willing. The Czech Republic sent 200 troops, and the Czech Republic and Slovakia comprise two members, where as Czechoslovakia comprised one member of the coalition then.

More Idiocy from the Corner

Also, it seems to me that Kerry is "conservative" not in any ideological sense and barely in the tempermental sense. His conservatism -- as Andrew seems to be defining it -- is marked by a lack of enthusiasm for making a big fuss about anything. After all he did vote for the war and regime change (under Clinton), he simply objects to the mess caused by actually following through. In the world we are living in, such an attitude is the mark of denial, not conservatism. And, again, modern conservative foreign policy (which, contra Frank Foer, has never been as defined or uniform as conservative domestic policy) has always staked its ground on what is necessary.

That's fucking rediculous. Kerry's position has been, has always been (even before PNAC announced its little "we must destroy the middle east in order to save it" position paper) supportive of confrontation with Saddam Hussein. He's been working on international terror organizations since 1988. And he voted for intervention in 1997 and 2002. The problem is simply that the president has fucked it up. He left weapons depots unprotected. He shortchanged the troops on body armor and troop count. He used easily falsified statements to support the rationale, which turned off our allies and diminished domestic support. He's left nuclear and chemical materials unprotected for the last 18 months.

This invasion is a train wreck, and that's all laid at the feet of the Bush administration. There's no reason to think that Kerry would not have invaded if it were necessary. Though it's hard to tell in hindsight what would have played out over 2002-2003 in a Kerry or Gore administration (though Gore was, interestingly enough, more interested in military intervention in Iraq than Clinton was), but I imagine it would not have resulted in active nuclear weapons programs in Iran and North Korea, and there's no fucking way either one would invade a country over a nuclear and chemical weapons program and then leave the precursors and materials unprotected.

Disappeared al-Qaida


Cheney's Energy Task Force Was Looking At Iraq In March 2001

I've heard this rumor before, but AMERICAblog has the evidence.

Economists For Kerry

Kevin Drum notes the endorsement.

Iraqi Equipment And Material For Nuclear Weapons Missing

Oh, shit.

George H.W. Bush Appointees For Kerry

Brad DeLong explains.

Monday, October 11, 2004


President Bush spends 5 times as much on a suit as future President Kerry! I demand a congressional investigation immediately. Why, his personal tailor has a French name!

Incoherence from The Corner

Rich Lowry thinks Bush did fine in the second debate when answering the question on his mistakes, because he admitted that when, at some point, someone figures out in hindsight what he did wrong, it's his responsibility.

I think he's wrong politically and substantively. Questions like this are common on a job interview, because they reveal thought process and self-reflection. Bush's response, that he hired a couple people who screwed up (read: "it's not my fault") and that it's basically impossible to know now what he did wrong, are both substantively flawed. the first implies a lack of self-responsibility, the second implies he doesn't even stop to think that he might have made mistakes, when it's obvious that nobody including him is perfect. Stopping midstream to make corrections is an important way of keeping mistakes from boiling out of control, but saying that would violate his "flip-flop" narrative, so he doesn't say it. And by all accounts, he doesn't actually do it either.

And The Propoganda Rolls On

Josh Marshall catches the White House using federal funds for campaign propoganda... AGAIN

(google cache of second link)

Maybe Tort Reform Is Necessary After All...

... for corporations!

RNC shoots foot in Washington

The Republican nominee trying to unseat Patty Murray (D-WA) ran an ad claiming Murray supported Osama bin Laden... basically the Saxby Chambliss strategy.

The results? Murray extended her lead from 3 pts to 19pts.

Documenting Republican Congressional Malfeasance

Kevin Drum has the goods.

Bush Employs More Criminals

Josh Marshall points out that Jim Tobin, New England regional chairman of the BC04 campaign, was involved in illegal activities during the 2002 senate campaign.

Wingnuttery Review

Laura Rozen has a piece in Sunday's Boston Globe about what a waste of human flesh Michael Ledeen is.

via Big Media Matt

Kerry On Medical Marijuana

Last One Speaks relays Kerry's stance:

...Kerry said at a campaign forum last year that his "disposition is personally favorable" to marijuana as medicine, but that he would await further scientific studies before taking a definitive stand. He also criticized mandatory minimum prison sentences for first offenders and called for more drug education and treatment.

Bush's Friday Debate Performance

Here's James Wolcott's take:

For much of [Friday]'s debate George Bush looked like a blister about to pop. Loud, mouthy, swaggering, interested only in hearing himself lay down the law, he behaved like a verbally abusive husband. Not a wifebeater but a browbeater with a bar-fighter's grin.

Our Allies Are Gradually Abandoning Us

Jack O'Toole explains how the British don't want to be seen with us in public anymore.

America Safer From WMD Now That Hussein Is In Jail?

AMERICAblog notes that Charles Duelfer, the CIA's chief weapons inspector in Iraq, doesn't think so.

The Bush Administration Lies About EVERYTHING

But, as Kevin Drum shows, this may be one of the biggest.


Cosmic Iguana relays yet another example of how the SCLM isn't quite so liberal after all.

Deciphering Bush's Dred Scott Rambling

Paperwight explains.

Bush: Rumsfeld Is Giving Comfort To The Enemy

AMERICAblog is on the case.

Marines Against Iraq

As relayed by AMERICAblog, U.S. Marines stationed in Iraq have begun to vocally express to newspapers their misgivings about the Iraq War.

Remember That School Terrorism Warning?

It was completely false.

Iraq And Crony Capitalism

Mark A. R. Kleiman summarizes.

The Deterioration Of Bush's Speaking Skills

Hoffmania has the video evidence.

Bush: Reelection More Important Than Soldiers' Lives

Mark A. R. Kleiman explains.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Ethics of Ralph Nader

Ugly story from the NYT about one example of the Nader voter fraud in progress in PA.

Nader Ballot Petitions Present a Phone Book Full of Problems

"Already judges have declared invalid about 10,000 signatures collected statewide for Mr. Nader, and there are still 25,000 to be ruled on here in Philadelphia. Judge Colins has said he expects some 70 percent of the city signatures to be declared illegal."

"The Nader campaign, which hired people to collect signatures, insists that it is the victim and that the fraudulent signatures are the result of sabotage, though it has no evidence beyond a story from one homeless man who said Democrats offered him double the pay the Nader campaign did for signatures."


Saturday, October 09, 2004

Loony Leftist

I'm not really into the crazed anti-militarist stuff, but this video is well-put together, if nothing else.

More Tim Ryan

Now available in quicktime....

Fox Pussies

Media Matters finds out that a private jet isn't good enough for coddled pretty-boy Sean Hannity to show up for a speech in front of a student group.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Hitch would like you to know

That alcoholism hasn't completely destroyed his brain, YET.

Mickey is confused

Mickey wants to know [heading: "Kausfiles is stupid!"] why we can't pretend that Saddam was a clear and present danger because he was pretending to be dangerous.

Oh, I don't know, Mickey, perhaps a better model for this invasion would be a guy walking into a bank with his finger pointing out through his coat pocket. After the security guard pops the guy in the back of the head and is in the middle of frisking him for weapons when Bush walks in, orders the security guard to the floor, and guns down half the people in the bank.

Besides, isn't going to war just because he said he had weapons "trusting the words of a madman"?

Miserable Failure

From DCCC, a link to a sort of "pop up video" of Bush's pathetic debate performance, with overlays of actual facts and reporting to contradict the many falsehoods he uttered.

Gotta love watching bush grunt and stammer with muzak in the background.


Moderate Republicans Trying To Take Back Their Party

Running Scared mentions that moderate Republicans are trying hard to take back their party from the ultraconservative wing and worries about the Left's perception of them.

Nine Hundred Million Dollars

According to the All Spin Zone, we have spent $900 million looking for WMDs in Iraq.

September Jobs Report

September had a pitiful Labor Department payroll job report increase of 96,000. Here's some stories on it:

Republians For Kerry

Kevin Drum points to a number of effective 30-second ad spots of former Bush supporters explaining why they will be voting for Kerry this year.

Another Cheney Lie

Mark A.R. Kleiman debunks another blatant Cheney lie.

Unity And The Democratic Party

Ruy Teixeira analyzes the future of the Democratic party.

Will DeLay Be Indicted Soon?

Kos is on the case.

New Iraq War Plan Is To Stop Kerry

Yesterday, The Quipper wrote a post Bush Aides Admit Stoking Fear of Terrorism for Political Gain. Today we learn from AMERICAblog that the new Pentagon war plan was formulated in part to counter criticism from John Kerry.

This either means that John Kerry has quality, unique ideas in fighting the War on Terrorism, or that the War on Kerry '04 is more important than the War on Terrorism. Neither possibility speaks well of the Bush Administration.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Global Test

Atrios is on the case.

You can't make this stuff up

Josh Marshall sez:

You can't make this stuff up.

Or, rather, I guess you can make this stuff. Since they are making it up.

Mr. Kerry, try this one on: "We invaded Iraq to stop BRIBERY? Sure glad we nipped that in the bud."

Republican Motivation Theory

Digby has posited a theory: "[Republicans in general] aren't really about politics, ideology, faith or winning. They are about fighting."

It's Hard Work

Can you answer Bush's question?

(via archpundit)

The Pivotal Week?

Did we just witness the pivotal week for the 2004 election?

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH)

My New Hero... Click the first speech on this page (the one about re-instituting the draft).

(originally seen on the gadflyer)

Bush Aides Admit Stoking Fear of Terrorism for Political Gain

AMERICAblog catches the Bush campaign with their pants down.

Oil and Energy

Be prepared for the likely possibility of a big crunch.

Another Bush Administration Failure

Mark A. R. Kleiman handily lays the flu vaccine shortage at Bush's feet (and follows up). Can't they do anything right?

Squash DeLay

The Stakeholder has the goods. I think the fact that he's still House Majority leader just demonstrates the complete moral bankrupty of the Democratic Party. (And I'm not just being snarky!)

Update: And he's more delusional than CHENEY! Wow, I didn't think that was possible.

Watch The Strategy Change

New Donkey figures out where Bush is going next. Not a surprise if you're familiar with Bush Crime Family History.

Update: heh.

Preventative Spin

The Republicans will probably trot out their usual smear that Democrats are "cheering bad news" in Iraq as people talk about rocket attacks on the Green Zone.

Mr. Bush, if Democrats liked bad news, we'd be endorsing you for president. We're mad about bad news, that's why we want you out.

Rove the Bogeyman

Many newspapers are reporting that they are receiving emails claiming that a particular politician won the debate -- before the debate even began. Obviously each such letter gives a poor impression for that politician's supporters. However, according to Hoffmania, there's a possibility that Republians in general, and possibly Karl Rove in particular, are creating the pro-Kerry letters to generate anti-Kerry backlash.

Fight Terrorism by Conserving Energy

Obsidian Wings lucidly argues the case for energy conservation by tying it to the War on Terrorism.

"Most Liberal Senator"?

This is quite old news (July 20, 2004), but the New Democrats Online did quite an admirable job demolishing the "Kerry is the most liberal Senator" myth and The Quipper thought it deserved attention.

The Effects of a Budget Deficit

the RANT reminds us that we should not forget the effects of running a budget deficit.

Tax Reform and Tax Dodging

Do they go hand-in-hand?

All Politics, All The Time

It's all the Republicans know.

Wounded in Iraq

Steve Gilliard has a post Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq which helps humanize the Iraq war by telling the personal stories of some wounded soldiers returning from Iraq. Painful.

War Using Drugs

Obsidian Wings asks the question "Are we using Valium as (effectively) a weapon in Iraq?"

More House 9/11 Bill Follies

Apparently extraordinary rendition wasn't the only objectionable thing in the House 9/11 panel recommendations implementation bill.

Tax Work, Not Wealth

Is Bush moving towards taxing work, not wealth?

Political Wars

President Bush on Meet the Press, February 8, 2004:

The thing about the Vietnam War that troubles me as I look back was it was a political war. We had politicians making military decisions, and it is lessons that any president must learn, and that is to the set the goal and the objective and allow the military to come up with the plans to achieve that objective. And those are essential lessons to be learned from the Vietnam War.

Oh really?

Fails the CEO Test

Mark A. R. Kleiman posts that 200 top business school professors give Bush's fiscal policy a failing grade.

The Ashcroft Justice Department

Jack O'Toole notes yet another Justice Department terrorism prosecutorial screwup.

Road Map to Piece

The Liquid List brings to our attention an important news article about the status of the Road Map to Piece.

IWF Going to Iraq

Echidne of the Snakes notes in her post Guess Who is Going to Iraq? that the Independent Women's Forum (IWF), an organization which is "devoted to countering 'the dangerous influence of radical feminism in the courts' and combating 'corrosive feminist ideology' on college campuses", has been awarded a major grant by the State Department to go to Iraq to promote women's political and economic participation in Iraq. Huh?!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Hunt Is On!

Did Dick say anything that was true?


What's your reason?

Bush Is An Asshole

Counterspin finds out why Chirac turned on Bush, and the evidence ain't pretty.


One thing I'm didn't hear once all last night even on MSNBC when they were calling him a human chainsaw -- "Gravitas". I wonder why they're not saying that? Maybe because the audience LAUGHED at him last night? Not much gravitas when an audience that didn't even laugh at Bush laughed at you, Mr. Vice President.

I Guess It's Habitual

Atrios catches Mr. Cheney lying, as usual, in his signature line of the debate. Classic. And he forgot poland!

Update: Another lie.
Update: The Washington Post does further fact-checking.
Update: MyDD did some work with the Congressional Record and found in his post Cheney's Senate Attendance Record that Cheney was greatly absent from the Senate on Tuesdays and Edwards filled in for him as acting President for the Senate the same number of times Cheney himself fulfilled the role. (Post brought forward to emphasize point)

Meals On Wheels?

James Wolcott gets to the bottom of the left's nefarious scheme.

The Subliminal Bush Truth

The President was recently caught by NBC standing in front of a sign which, due to occlusion of certain letters, appears to say "I lie." I'm glad he's finally decided to admit it.

Independent Justices, Beware

Date: October 5, 2004
To: All U.S. Federal District and Appealate Court Justices (especially the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals)
From: The U.S. Congress
Re: Controversial Rulings

Be informed that if you file rulings from which we can derive a political advantage through your demonization, be prepared to face the consequences.

Today in Bushworld

Apparently in Bushworld it is acceptable for the former U.S. Housing Secretary (and current Florida Republican U.S. Senate candidate) Mel Martinez to block the release of a taxpayer-funded study as to whether the two biggest mortgage lenders discriminated against minorities to please a lobbyist.

Well, either that or the undoubtedly numerous national security secrets contained within.

Has Bush Always Been Wrong?

George W. Bush, while (part) owner of the Texas Rangers, was the sole owner to vote against the MLB wild card.

Republicans for Kerry

First a Bull Moose Republican endorses Kerry, and now a number of Arizona Republicans, the progenitors of Barry Goldwater, do as well.

Soon the only Republians left supporting Bush will be the Falwell and Robertson wing of the party.

Budget Process

Not only are the Republican-controlled House, Senate, and White House unable to pass a balanced budget, they are unable to pass a budget at all.

Obsidian Wings Legalizing Torture Series

Obsidian Wings has a series about the House GOP's attempt to legalize "Extraordinary Rendition". Here's a link to the posts in the series:
  1. Legalizing Torture
  2. Torture Outsourcing Update
  3. Author's Note
  4. Talaat Fouad Qassem
  5. The Tirana Cell
  6. Mamdouh Habib
  7. Legislative Update: Torture Outsourcing Bill One Step Closer
  8. Torture Legalization: A Winning Strategy for YOUR Congressional Campaign!
  9. Jamil Qasim Saeed Mohammed
  10. Five Suspects Deported From Malawi to Zimbabwe
  11. White House Counsel's Letter on Torture Outsourcing
  12. Guantanamo's Evil Stepson
Update: Brought forward to note addition of latest posts.

200 Billion

From this post at Pandagon:

The "factchecks" on the $200 billion question don't make much sense to me.

We can't count the war as costing what it's going to cost because the money's been earmarked to be spent, but hasn't been spent yet.

By that standard, my car cost $622.

The Quipper will now invoke the blogger-who-must-not-be-named and simply say "Indeed."

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I want one

Apparently Josh Marshall now comes with a Secret Decoder Ring... Any suggestions for other entries?

Republican Whiners And Victims, Inc

Salon has the goods:

The Kerry-Edwards camp announced its list of surrogates and spinners for tonight's debate earlier today. Among them: Sen. Patrick Leahy.... You may remember the event: Cheney and Leahy got to talking, Leahy mentioned a company called Halliburton, and Cheney told Leahy to "fuck himself."

Sources in the Kerry-Edwards campaign told us that the Republicans have lodged a complaint...

Just a few minutes ago, the Democratic National Committee distributed Halliburton hospitality bags to the press corps. The contents included a small box of Tide -- a reminder of how a Halliburton subsidiary charged the military $100 for a 15-pound bag of laundry -- and "your very own no-bid contract."

Political Reporters Suck

Can't they all be winners?

Apropos of nothing, isn't it incredibly hypocritical to be "against the mainstream media" but support an administration whose FCC and FTC have endorsed the nonstop media consolidation that has given us this incestuous circle o' crap? I say: Yes! Conservative bloggers: Still morons.

Quotable Hesiod

From this post by Hesiod:

The biggest problem John Kerry and the Democrats face is that George W. Bush is practically the patron saint of Dumbass America.

Libertarians think Bush Is Incompetant

How else can you explain this bit from archpundit?

And he's running a contest. Submit your entries today!

Bush Mocks Our Allies Intelligence.

Noam Schreiber figures it out.

I mean, could this administration have been any more insulting to our allies?

Is Bush Really Religious?

He never goes to church. I think this is a serious character issue.

Andrew Sullivan

He takes a moment out from talking about how the bush administration is a miserable failure in every aspect even though the only thing that's changed is that they now have publicly said he should be a second class citizen and he endorsed all their prior policies to say Dick Cheney is going to crush Edwards like a bug tonight.

Andrew, I'm so worried that Cheney is going to demolish John Jr. that Edwards managing not to cry would be a victory for him tonight.

Another Republican Liar and Fraudulant Victim

Actual quotes from the woman who claimed she was being victimized simply for hanging a picture of Bush 43:

I "glad they were not old enough to vote." ... "you should be ashamed to be a Democrat".

Digby's got the goods.

Evangelical Support for Bush

It may not be quite as strong as The Quipper thought.

Rice is Incompetent

Honestly, as Digby shows, there's simply no other explanation.

Glenn doesn't know black people exist

How else can you explain this?

What's wrong with Ledeen?

Matt Yglesias again ponders whether or not Ledeen is an Iranian agent. Sure seems hard to come up with an alternate hypothesis for his behavior.

Ah, the liars

Brad DeLong wants to know why drug companies lie so much.

Is it psychological, like it is with this administration?

Job Losses

According to the MSNBC article Job-cut plans soar to 8-month high: "U.S. planned job cuts soared to an eight-month high in September while new hiring rose only slightly, a report said on Tuesday." This does not bode well for the upcoming government report on the September U.S. employment situation.

It seems that a second Bush administration will produce good job results only if they find a way to convert weblog-based negative political commentary into jobs.

I guess we know

The same people who believe that Michael Moore is randomly firing bullets through windows apparently still believe that Saddam was behind 9/11.

This administration is like a bad parody of The X Files.


In a momentary break from parody, The Quipper heartily endorses IPac, a nonpartisan group dedicated to the creation and reform of intellectual property policy which promotes technological innovation and individual creativity over endless private profit.


Two stray bullets hit an office belonging to the Bush-Cheney campaign. Instapundit's explanation: "I blame Michael Moore."

I can't even parody this. When did these people go so insane?

Update: heh.

Ex-McCain Aide Defects, Supports Kerry

The self-described "unreconstructed Bull Moose" Marshall Wittmann, the former director of communications for John McCain (R-AZ), has quit his position to become a senior fellow at the DLC and endorses John Kerry for president.

The Quipper was unable to determine who William Jennings Bryan's Populist Party is endorsing this year.

Veep Debate Tonight

"You know the real reason they're sitting down, don't you? So that you can not see Dick Cheney's cloven hooves."

Paul Bremer

Paul Bremer: "Now that I no longer rely on the Bush administration for my job, I can start telling the truth. Conveniently, offloading responsibility like this also helps me cover my own ass."


Donald Rumsfeld: "Can I lie freely and with impunity? Of course I can! Should I be rode out of town on a rail? You betcha!"

Style *and* Substance

According to Matthew Yglesias in his latest The American Prospect article Define "Fine", Bush's debate performance not only approximated the appearance of a petulant little boy, but also the intelligence and truthfulness of one.

Welcome to the Quipper

We'll be bringing you realtime roundups of the sane side of the blogosphere.